What Does IDT Offer?


IDT Medical supports under strictest confidence all development activities of its CLIENTs defined within a written or oral contractual agreement. Any conflict of interest will be addressed immediately. Any IP development requested from the CLIENT to be done by IDT is considered property of the CLIENT and will remain property of the CLIENT. No royalty payment or licensing rate is expected by IDT unless suggested by CLIENT and agreed upon in writing between CLIENT and lDT.

CLIENT and IDT will work as a team and support each other with their respective expertise. However, IDT reserves the right to determine the course of action throughout the project taking all available information into account, while keeping the CLIENT informed about actions, cost and reason.

No quotes will be issued by IDT, but a per-hour-fee schedule will be discussed with CLIENT prior to initiation of work. CLIENT can terminate work with IDT at any time, but must pay any incurred time and expenses to date.

IDT promises to try to keep cost to a minimum, through driving the project as fast as possible forward, maintaining quality and completing the needs ofthe CLIENT as quickly as possible. Whenever possible, IDT will suggest the hiring of experts when feasible (e.g patent attorneys, FDA consultants, designers, etc) to increase the return on spent money.