Whether companies or individuals are looking for EVOLUTIONARY or REVOLUTIONARY innovation, IDT supports and assists their clients throughout the process of early conceptual brainstorming up to final production and market introduction.

(short term, fast, many companies do it, it must be successful, quick low ROI)

(longer term, takes more time, longer, but higher ROI)

Brad Garlinghouse, Yousendit
"Innovation is the result of a culture that encourages risk and is tolerant of failure."

"Fail Fast, Fail Early, Fail Cheap"

“Make Time Matter!”

“Rules?  There are no rules here… we are trying to accomplish something.”

Ratatouille, Anton Ego: (maybe not so good)
"Not everyone can create great inventions, but great inventions can come from everyone"
“Great Innovations can come from everyone, but not everyone can create great innovations”